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No Cam Newton for Washington, yet

When reporters asked Washington coach Ron Rivera about free-agent quarterback Cam Newton after the Patriots released him, Rivera said that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the team’s starting quarterback. Pending the results

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Does overhearing your spouse’s work calls put you on edge? Me too. I found out why

“Daddy, you workin’?” my two-year-old daughter asks throughout the day, as my husband saunters around the living room in a fugue state conducting back-to-back business calls, AirPods locked and loaded,

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“We want to increase investment in Germany”, FDP leader says

Germany’s Free Democrats, potential kingmakers in coalition talks after a Sept. 26 election, want to boost investment, their leader said on Monday, lowering the hurdles to a three-way coalition with

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LG now makes a 2,000 pound TV that costs $1.7 million

LG has announced a new lineup of Direct View LED (DVLED) home cinema displays, which range in size from a huge 108-inch HD screen to an obscene 325-inch 8K panel

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‘Evil step-mother’ slammed for banning girl, 4, from having her own bedroom

A woman has been branded an ‘evil step-mother’ after she confessed she didn’t want her partner’s four-year-old daughter having her own room in the house they bought together. The 24-year-old

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