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Ever dreamed of living the life of an international jet-setter?

Tristan Tate, who claims to be worth millions, says he does just that.

Tristan, who has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, has worked in the adult industry for around nine years.

Now Tristan has opened up about his journey from a council estate in Luton to riches and a life of luxury.

He first started out by owning webcamming studios and then set up a management agency for online modelling platform OnlyFans three years ago alongside his brother, Andrew Tate.

Tristan, who is now based in Bucharest, Romania, claims he now has some of the “biggest girls on OnlyFans” working for him, who make £70,000 a month themselves, according to an interview with the Daily Star.

And what does he spend his money on? Well a lot of cars, mainly.

Tristan claims to have 15 cars and says his vehicle portfolio is worth millions.

On top of this, he said he’s getting a Bugatti delivered in November, which is “one of only 60 in the world”.

Life wasn’t always this luxurious for him though.

Tristan says he grew up on a council estate in Luton, but he admits that he easily got used to being rich.

He told us: “People who say money can’t buy happiness are wrong.

“I’m currently in a Ferrari, taking it to Spain to drive through the mountains.

“I believe money accentuates your mood – if you’re a happy person then it’ll only make you more fulfilled.

“I’ve always been happy, so the more money means the more I can help people.”

As well as buying material things, Tristan says his wealth also allows him to look after his family.

“The best thing about my money is the peace of mind it gives me to take care of people I care about,” he said.

“My mum doesn’t work anymore, I give her £5,000 a month.

“My mum’s husband doesn’t have to work either. I can give them what they want.

“They want to fly first class? Cool, I’ll book tickets, it gives me freedom and happiness.”

Tristan admits that he doesn’t have a partner to share his wealth with just yet though, admitting he enjoys the single lifestyle.

“I’m classy – I don’t treat people badly, I open doors and pull out chairs, I’m a gentleman,” he said.

“There’s always beautiful women around me, they’re one of best things in the world.

“If a man wants to commit, good for him if that’s what makes him happy. I’m not that guy, I could if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.

He also said models are vying to work with his OnlyFans management company.

He tells us: “I have tons of women wanting to work with me, they’re lining up.

“I’m strict about who I take on at this stage though, if I don’t think they’re going to be a superstar, I won’t hire them, it’s not worth my time.”

The self-proclaimed ‘Beast of Bucharest’ is even starting to become a social media star in his own right, as he has hundreds of thousands of followers.

He is often seen posing with his luxurious cars, flying on private jets and enjoying luxury locations.